Behind The Lens - Matt Saatich

Matt Saatchi (@saatchiphoto)

Back in 2006, Matt Saatchi was shredding on his BMX bike, chasing adrenaline and bashing through the majestic landscape. Then there was a moment, one single monumental moment he captured that inspired him to create rather than be dictated to. It’s the moment that lead to his senior year being spent in the dark room developing action, portrait, and darkroom photography that has lead him to this moment. Now, we’re happy to announce that Matt is part of the inaugural episode of the #AOV #behindthelens series.

We asked Matt Saatchi (@saatchiphoto) a few questions about what keeps him inspired, and we’re happy to share the story with you while also sharing some exclusive images from his library.

“I want to explore, travel, and create.” Matt Saatchi (@saatchiphoto) perceives something new in every location. Creative ideas and perspectives can take an environment of monotony and turn it into something brand new. The shift within the manifestation of light, a little bit of cloud cover, and every other variable photographers specialize in have infinite possibilities.

Matt Saatchi (@saatchiphoto)’s favorite backdrop is the sky…

“I Love shooting in the sky, I can’t get enough of it.” Matt Saatchi (@saatchiphoto) has several helicopter shoots under his belt. From San Francisco to the skyline in the Windy City (Chicago), and the iconic Las Vegas strip, Matt Saatchi (@saatchiphoto) feels as if he’s just getting started. The chopper shoot bucket list includes an NYC shoot that might already be in the works, Paris, Dubai, Germany, Japan, and several more.Matt Saatchi (@saatchiphoto)has an inventory of wide angle lenses with his canon 6d, but frankly doesn’t think equipment has much to do with his success… 

“It’s the wizard, not the wand,” proclaims Matt Saatchi (@saatchiphoto) when we asked him what advice he has for people getting into photography. “Go out and shoot and experiment, try new things and eventually you’ll find yourself in the images.” He finds inspiration from a long list of photographers with diverse backgrounds and styles, ultimately though photographers that produce original concepts and content inspire him the most. Next we’ll get to hear what the #ArtofVisuals truly is to Matt Saatchi (@saatchiphoto)

“Photography is an Art of the Visuals and it means the world to me to be able to express my perspective with so many individuals and through my work. It is something that I will continue to do and grow as an artist and hope to inspire more individuals along the way! Thanks for the opportunity, this is only the beginning.” Thank you Matt for sharing your inspiration for this series of Behindthelens. If you or someone you know have an inspirational story for #behindthelens, comment below, tag us in some images or send us a message at Until then, keep those shutters snapping and be visually inspired.