Artist Insight - Kankavee Karnjanadecha

We sat down with Kankavee Karnjanadecha (@Kankankavee) to ask him some question about his background with photography, what gear he uses, favorite shoot locations and much more.

Artist Insight with Kankavee Karnjanadecha

We sat down with Kankavee Karnjanadecha (@Kankankavee) to ask him some question about his background with photography, what gear he uses, favorite shoot locations and much more.


Which camera do you use?

Fuji XT10 with Fujinon lens 10-24mm., 16-55mm. and 50-140mm.

 Do you prefer to use a tripod, or freehand?
Freehand mainly, but for some night shots with long exposure, a tripod is essential.

What are some of your favorite locations to shoot?
I am living in Boston because I am living here and I love the city. It has great historical architect and hidden corners that only local photographers would know. Apart from that, I love New York. I love the skyline, the skyscrapers, and the liveliness of the city. I visit New York often and overtime, there are always new and exciting angels for me to shoot.


What time of day do your prefer to shoot, night or day?
I prefer the period right after the twilight when the sky is still a little bright but dark enough to see the lights from the street lamps and building windows

What brought you into photography?
When I started taking photos, I realized that it is a way for me to create art pieces of my own. I got excited and looked at many other great photographers. They inspired me to find my own angels and styles.



How long do you spend editing a photo?

It really depends on the shot. Some photos took just 5 minutes, while some took hours. On average, I take around 15-30 minutes. My main areas of editing are composition and symmetry. From the original photos, I try many different versions of cropping to find the perfect one for me. Then I edit the lights and tones of the photo. I always try to make it consistent and I have pretty decent presets I created that I use most of the time. So, that step does not take long.

Which program(s) do you use for editing?
Adobe Lightroom and Adobe Photoshop

Do you have any advice for someone getting into photography?

My best advice is to be honest with yourself and your style; just find what you like and try to do it best. Yet don’t be afraid to change if you want to, but do not change just to follow other people. It is important to keep learning from other people but always find your own angle. I actually started doing just black and white photographs, I thought that’s what I liked and did best. Then one day, I tried creating one in colors, I was excited about it; so now I don’t limit myself to just black and whites anymore.

The other advice I have is just to enjoy what you do. The best feeling I have when taking photography is when I have a bad day and thought that I was also going to be a bad photo day but I went out taking photos anyway. Then a good photo turned up and that really made my day.

What type of images do you think your presets are best suited for?
I’d say architecture, cityscapes, and street photography

Do you have any tips or tricks for users of your presets?
Play with the clarity, shadows, and saturation  – these elements can make unique images.

Your best tip for post-processing an image
The easiest way is to have a decent preset. It saves time and ensures that the collections of processed images looks consistent. At first, I bought presets from a few photographers but eventually I created some of my own to suit my own styles.


What inspired you to get involved in the AOV community?
I follow many awesome photographers on Instagram and saw that many of them are involved in the AOV community so I checked it out. Then I fell in love with the community because it features many great photography styles I can learn from.

A little bit about yourself

My name is Kankavee, so people call me Kan; hence my Instagram name KanKankavee. I am from Bangkok, Thailand. I came to Boston 2 years ago and started seriously taking photos just earlier this year. I love meeting new people in the photography community and am always open to exciting activities and projects.

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