Artist Insight - Ollie Nordh

Artist Insight with Ollie Nordh

We sat down with Ollie Nordh (@Ollienordh) to ask him some question about his background with photography, what gear he uses, favorite shoot locations and much more.


Which camera do you use?

I am currently shooting with a Canon 5D mark iii

 Do you prefer to use a tripod, or freehand?

Tripods are cool but it is rare to catch me using one.

What are some of your favorite locations to shoot?

I love big cities, so one of my favorite places so far is the back streets of Hong Kong

What time of day do your prefer to shoot, night or day?

I like to shoot in both day and night. As long as there is moody dramatic weather.

What brought you into photography?

I guess i had a urge to express my self and use my creativity, so photography was kinda the natural way for me to do so. 

How long do you spend editing a photo?

Anything from 5min to 30min. but I prefers to spend as little time as possible to not "over do" the edit. 

Which program(s) do you use for editing?
I use adobe lightroom.

Do you have any advice for someone getting into photography?

It may sound cliche but my top tip is to get out and use your camera every day, it dosen't matter if your out and about shooting your city or at home. Just try to learn all the settings. I believe that if you spend enough time doing something then you will eventually become good at it.

What type of images do you think your presets are best suited for?

I made my presets more around moody vibes, cityscapes and portraits. 

Do you have any tips or tricks for users of your presets?

Just try them out, and feel free to change them as much as you want.

Your best tip for post-processing an image

Never try to "over do" an image, at least in my personal opinion a more realistic edit is what I like even though a really strong edit can be really epic. 
A good tip is to put focus on the split toning and tone curve, its often there you really can improve your own edit style.


What inspired you to get involved in the AOV community?

Its an awesome community and I really want to support everybody that pushes their art form to a new height, and the people at AOV are definitely doing super work at that.

A little bit about yourself

Im Stockholm based, it might be a little unusual but its a cool city haha, I have been taking pictures since I was 10 and im now 21. I mainly focus on travel photography such as cityscapes and gritty urban environments, but also people and portraits.

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