Hey Guys, the Artic is calling and it is in need of our support. The Alaska Wilderness League is fighting to keep Alaska Wild. The National Petroleum Reserve (The Reserve) is a remote gem sustaining abundant life and beautiful scenery. The Reserve is America’s largest unit of public lands, spanning nearly 23 million acres across the western North Slope. The Reserve is at risk of being developed by Oil & Gas interests. Take a moment and read Alaska Wilderness League blog post explaining the situation here: Wild and Remote Alaska at Risk.

  Shot By @Will.Bales

All we ask is that you are informed on what is happening in the majestic Artic, the final wild frontier, to get more information or sign the petition to designate The Reserve as protected Wilderness land click the link below. We’ve collaborated with The North Face to help bring attention to this important issue, to make your voice heard sign the petition at http://thenorthface.com/wearetheartic