Photography Lighting Tips - Art of Visuals

Photography Lighting Tips - Art of Visuals

AOV Photography Lighting Tips

Here is a little insight into lighting and angles. Having a good understanding of the effects of your light source and its placement can add a lot of efficiency to your shooting. No more guess and check method. So here we go.

Front lighting underplays textures. Where lighting from the side or directly above empathize textures. Front lighting is the popular choice for photographers who are shooting portraits (if you edit portraits in Lightroom make sure to check out this post on editing faces like a pro). You may want to keep the light source near or level to the axis of your lens. This will minimize the appearance of wrinkles and blemishes on the skin. While shooting landscapes, food, etc. Using side lighting will increase the effect of the textures on rocks and foliage. External light sources may help you to amplify the effects. Backlighting is something different all together. In essence, backlighting is a technique that can be used to create highly diffused light on your subject. It is very rare to be able to shoot a subject in pure silhouette. The light will reflect off of the walls of the room or off a darkening sky. In both cases try increasing your exposure to ensure that you are capturing the light falling on the subject. This will deemphasize his or her facial textures and reduce dimensionality. Need lighting? Check this gear out. This is the beginning of our AOV tips series but you can view more tutorials from AOV here!  Thank you for reading this article on lighting and angles, be sure to let us know if these methods were helpful to you in the comments below!

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