How To Shoot An Official Ollogram

The beauty of photography is that you are free to experiment with different techniques in order to find your own style. It’s a good way to gain a new perspective on your subject – not to mention it’s all part of the fun!  

Photo by @emwng

In our Macro blog we introduced you to olloclip, the leader and creator of original mobile photography lenses and accessories. Now that you have a good idea of what they’re about we can show you how to create an official ollogram.


Photo by @alenoccio

An ollogram is a style of photo that you can easily accomplish with your phone or camera and a Wide-Angle olloclip lens.   Start by unscrewing the wide-angle lens from your 4-IN-1 olloclip and hold it away from your phone or camera. Make sure to lock your focus on the lens as you shoot your scene from this detached position. A clear image should appear in the lens leaving the rest of the photo with a nice bokeh. Having a friend hold the wide-angle lens while you take the photo can make taking an ollogram much easier.   Share your ollograms by hashtagging your ollograms with #ollogram 

Photo by @amandaseeyoudarrr

Photo by @amandaseeyoudarrr


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