Instagram Secrets

Instagram Secrets 

Want some insight into Instagram secrets that we use to keep our feed looking organized and professional?  I’m sure you’ve stopped on an instagram page before and thought to yourself, “ wow, this feed looks really professional”. Instagram can be a powerful tool for photographers to gain exposure and show off your work to the world. Here is some insight to ways that you can take your instagram feed to the next level. Keep people on your page based on their first glance. If there are other methods you use to keep your Instagram organized, comment and tell us about it.

Organize your Instagram[/caption]

"Instagram can be a powerful tool for photographers 

to gain exposure and show off their work to the world"

Get Organized

First and foremost, get yourself organized. If you are trying to be taken seriously as a photographer on instagram you need to take it seriously yourself. Have the photos planned out in the order that to wish to post them, creating a catalog of sorts. Also, take advantage of tools that are available to make this a manageable task. There are multiple free apps that you can use to literally plan out and visually see what your feed will look like with the photos that you plan on posting. This is more important than you think, having your images lined up in a way that compliments them can draw attention to your photos and keep people looking at your page. UM/UN is one that allows you see your existing feed and how it will look with the photos you plan to upload. It also allows you to move your photos around to experiment with how your overall layout will end up looking.

Be Punctual

schedule out when your post will be going live! 

Next, pay attention to the time of day that your images are getting the most attention from your community. It is in our nature as humans to fall into pattern. You may not even be aware of it, but I bet that if you were kept a time log of every time that you checked your Instgram, there would be specific times of day that you are prone to looking at your social media. Most of the same apps that will allow you to organize your photos will also help keep your post on a time increment.

 Share with us

What are some tricks that you use to organize your photos? share with us, we want to hear about what you do! If you enjoyed this blog post you might enjoy some of our tutorials and tips. Check out Simple ways to protect your gear and A Little On Lighting.

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