How To Protect Your Gear In Bad Weather



The goal of this post is to help you protect your camera and gear to the best of your ability. There is no way of controlling mother nature, nor would we want to. There is a lot of little things that you can do while venturing out into the more extreme weather conditions to ensure that everything makes it out alive and well. Heat wave:
  • Silica Gel Packets
These are great for absorbing humidity. Use the desiccant envelopes that come with cameras and other electronic equipment
  • Soft Insulated Cooler
During times of extreme heat, this is a better choice than your camera bag, for protection your gear and maintaining a safe temperature.
  • Blower Bulb
This is a must have when going anywhere that is dust and sandy. Keeping dirt off of your lenses and out of your cameras.   Temperate Locations: (Water Protectants)
  • Waterproof cases
Having a waterproof case or cover for your camera bag will protect during transportation
  • Sport and Rain shields
These will protect your gear while you shoot. Keeping everything out of the wind and rain.
  • Rainsleeves
These will have a similar effect as a sports and rain sheild. I prefer this for boating and other watery adventures.
  • Bubble Umbrella
Offers protection with minimal limitations to your visibility.
  • Fog-Clearing Cloths
These often come individually wrapped and can be a great tool that is easy to transport.   Ice And Snow:
  • Tripod Snowshoes
This will prevent your tripod from sinking into the snow by operating in the same way as snowshoes for your own feet.
  • Chemical Handwarmers
Great for using on your gear, as well as your hands and fingers. Keep one in your pocket along side your spare battery. If it’s really cold try attaching one to the bottom of your camera with a rubber band.
  • Non-Rechargeable Lithium Batteries
This is your best bet while shooting in truly frigid places. Now that you and your camera are prepared for anything mother nature has to throw at you, Get out there and shoot during the times and places that most people are too scared to.   Thanks for reading! -Art Of Visuals

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