Photos of the week 3/5-3/12


March 5th-12th

Top photos submitted through the #AOVAPP. Every week on Monday we will post a recap of our favorite photos that have been submitted through the app. Make sure you download the app today for your chance to get featured on our website and IG. You will also find amazing locations and new artists on the app as well.

Social name- @patrickpfaff User age- 23 Photo location- Lavertezzo, Tessin, Schweiz

Instagram: @patrickpfaff

Location: Lavertezzo, Tessin, Schweiz

Instagram: @florianploeger

location: Malojapass - Bregaglia, Graubünden, Schweiz

Social name- @exploremarco User age- 16 Photo location- Pragser Wildsee - Braies, Trentin-Haut-Adige, Italie

Instagram: @exploremarco

location: Pragser Wildsee - Braies, Trentin-Haut-Adige, Italie

Instagram: @roadlesstraveler

Location: O‘ahu - Honolulu County, Hawaii, United States

Instagram: @simonsfiction

Location: El Matador State Beach - Malibu, California, USA

Instagram: @s.z.a.theory

Location: Banff National Park - Improvement District No. 9, Alberta, Canada

Instagram: @dino.reichmuth

location: Ratenpass - Oberägeri, Zug, Schwei

Instagram: @cm_vision

Location: San Francisco – Oakland Bay Bridge


location: Obersee - Berchtesgadener Land, Bayern, Deutschland

Instagram: @surrealshotz

location: O‘ahu - Honolulu County, Hawaii, United States