A Weekend in Austria – Fueled by Imagination with Spencer Findlay

So I had a chance to talk to Spencer Findlay about a sponsored weekend trip to Austria in this AOV artist highlight:

So I had a chance to talk to Spencer Findlay about a sponsored weekend trip to Austria in this AOV artist highlight:

Can you tell us a little about you and your relationship with the H Influencers, how did you get involved in photography?

I started out in photography about 8 years ago after picking up my family’s DSLR that was laying out around the house. I started going on little adventures with friends which turned into road trips leading me to realize that this could be my career. From there I grew in photography and then learned videography. I connected with H influencers due to mutual friends. I started making videos for them, and then got the opportunity to go on this amazing trip to Austria. H Influencers is a creative agency out of San Francisco. Their goal is to partner influencers with brands in an authentic way. They recently gave away 20 trips for influencers to take their friends on. I was lucky enough to lead one of those trips. 

Austria Church

Why did you pick Hallstatt, Austria for a weekend getaway?

I saw the iconic photo of the church on the water and had always dreamed of visiting. When I got the opportunity to work with H influencers and choose a location to travel to, I went back to this photo and found that it was in Austria. I already had some Austrian connections because of Instagram, and pulled a group together for an epic weekend! 


Iconic Austrian Church


What was your favorite spot to shoot at, why?

The iconic photo of the church reflecting on the water is great and all. However, we took a drive up to Loser mountain--yes it’s actually called that--and it was breathtaking. It’s right next to Altaussee Lake and you can drive all the way up to several lookout points. There’s even a restaurant at the top (1600m)!

Loser Mountain Austria


What equipment were you shooting with (DSLR, Drone)?

I shoot with a Panasonic GH4, Canon G7X Mark ii and a DJI Phantom 4 drone (which you can see in the video below).

Austria Loser Mountain


Are you interested in exploring more of Austria?

I was only able to visit Austria for the weekend. However, I would love to go back for a longer period of time and plan a road trip through the country. I am from Seattle, Washington in the Northwest of the USA, and the landscape reminded me so much of home, but was just different enough to be exciting and made me want to explore more. 

Anything interesting or noteworthy about the Austrian landscape, people or culture?

One thing I loved most about Austria, was the architecture. The villages look like they’re straight out of a storybook. The churches as well; you’ll see them in every town as you drive along the freeway and they’re stunning. 

Hallstatt Austria

Last question Spence, where to next?! 


Thanks Spence for your time and inspiration!

Feel free to follow @_epicspence for more of his travels through places like Rome, Venice, Nice, Athens and Paris.

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