Why Visit Minnesota? A Local Perspective with Eric Dimac

Hey Eric,

J: thanks for chatting with me about visiting Minnesota and what I need to see while I’m there. Being from North Dakota our states don’t get the most attention, I think people like to call them ‘flyover states’. I've been to Minnesota several times and always get good vibes whenever I go, really genuine people too. Interesting fact, Minnesota is still the only state to elect a professional wrestler as governor...

E: Thanks for reaching out Jason (a perk of being an early adopter of the app), I’m a huge fan of Art of Visuals! So you're visiting the great Ol' North. What do you do? Where do you go? What do you shoot?

First things first when you fly into the twin cities (Minneapolis/St.Paul). You must visit the iconic stone arch bridge. Located directly in the city, it's one of the most visited and iconic spots.

Stone Arch Bridge Minnesota  Stone Arch Bridge - Photo by @Micahkvidt 

After stone arch, just 2 blocks down the road we have US bank stadium. Or as we call it, the people's stadium. One of the most incredible, architecturally designed stadiums in the states. *So the Vikings started off 5-0 but times are hard these days, but we have a very winnable four-game stretch...C'mon Vikes, that stadium was meant for playoff games!

US Bank Stadium  US Bank Stadium home of the Vikings! Photo by @e.dmac

Then right next door to the people's stadium, we have the Guthrie. A well known historic theater that opened it's doors in 1963 with the play Hamlet. Step out on the balcony and you'll get an impeccable view of the stone arch bridge yet again and just off to the right you'll see the famous 35W bridge that is lit up blue at night. After you finish enjoying the view from the balcony, walk out onto the street and look up where you'll see the mill city ruins. Which before it blew up, was one of the biggest flour producers in the Midwest, now turned museum.

 Guthrie's Twin Cities   Photo by @e.dmac

Once you get tired of the hustle and bustle of the city, you can hop in an Uber 15 minutes south to one of the prettiest sights Minnesota has to offer, Minnehaha Falls. That's right, a waterfall in the city! Close to the falls you can stroll through uptown. A very modernized and hip part of the twin cities, which is home to a variety of bars, coffee shops, shopping, and local art work. A great place for photographers to explore and get a feel of the culture. Once in uptown, turn down lake street and head one block west to the beautiful lake Calhoun. Home to canoeing, kayaking, paddle boarding, bike rentals, and sail boating. A great place to be in the humid Minnesota summers.

 Minehaha Falls Minnesota   Minnehaha Falls - Photo by @e.dmac

For all you fair weather fans people the best time may not be visiting Minnesota in the Winter, it’s damn cold. Feel free to hit me up if you are ever in Minnesota and would like to bounce a few ideas of me for places to go: @e.dmac

J: Thanks for your time Eric! My favorite time to visit northern states is late spring and early fall for the awesome variety of colors.

3 Minnesota honorable mentions:  

  1.  Split Rock Lighthouse State Park

A picturesque view of Minnesota’s north shore, including the historic lighthouse that sits atop a 130-foot cliff overlooking Lake Superior.

 Split Rock Lighthouse State Park Split Rock Lighthouse State Park - Photo by @GrantJohnsonPhotography

  1. House on the Rock 
Like the name says, it all started with the foundation of a rock but became so much more! If you can get better pictures of this place, upload them to the AOV app for a feature!      

    House on the Rock - Deer Shelter Rock House on the Rock - Deer Shelter Rock picture by @ericjon 


    1. Apostle Islands
     Although not technically in Minnesota, this Wisconsin destination is a hop skip and a jump away from Duluth and worth the journey!                                                                         Apostle Island Park Apostle Islands - Photo by Michael DeWitt


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