Capturing the Essense of Lake Tekapo, NZ

We’ve all seen the magical realm that the Lord Of The Rings created around the surreal landscapes of New Zealand. New Zealand has some of the most beautiful sceneries on the planet and Lake Tekapo is no exception. Tekapo is the second-largest lake running along the northern edge of the Mackenzie Basin in the South Island of New Zealand. The lake is graciously fed at its northern end by the braided Godley River which is charged by the Southern Alps. It is world renowned for nightscapes and is home to the Mount John Observatory for this reason.

Lake Tekapo

Photo by @Iamtongue 

I reached out to an AOV community member @Iamtongue to help us get a better understanding of the natural beauty of Lake Tekapo. 

 Lake Tekapo

Photo by @iamtongue

Church of The Good Shepherd – One of the most iconic photography destinations in New Zealand.

 Church of the good sheppard Photo by @Gustravel

Bronze Sheepdog – The sheepdog is a cultural icon of man’s age-old relationship with dogs, particularly sheepdogs, for their indispensable role in cattle and livestock.

Bronze Sheepdog

Photo by Clay Comb

New Zealand has countless photography landscapes to shoot. You can basically look at the country on a map and put your finger anywhere and find awesome landscapes, definitely worth planning a trip!

Lake Tekapo

Photo by @iamtongue

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