Monsoon III

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Monsoon III

Hello Art Of Visuals Community, A monsoon is a violent storm that is caused by the seasonal reverse in the winds patterns, accompanied by corresponding changes in precipitation. But that is not at all what I wanted to tell you about.

Monsoon III

Monsoon III
"Blood. Sweat. Tears. Joy. That's what this spring was for me. The miles, the grind, the failing, the epic days missed, the lack of sleep, the jubilation, the friendships strengthened, and the time away from my family. And when the chasing was all done... wondering, was worth it all? Heck yeah it was."

Mike oblinski , "Just your typical storm chasing, wedding photographer,"

As a resident of Arizona Mike is more than familiar with the patterns of monsoons. A powerful storm that is caused by seasonly shifting winds, accompanied by corresponding precipitation. They are powerful storms that come along with harsh winds, crippling downpours and strobing flashes of lighting. Mike has dedicated his life, during the Monsoon season, to documenting these unpredictable phenomenon's. This is his third year capturing the event in a time lapse styled video. After spending eighteen days on the road and away from his family, Mike was left with  20,000 miles driven and almost 60,000 time-lapse frames shot. Oh, and most importantly, seven minutes and forty seconds of wonderfully arranged, captivating, imagery. Before I go on ranting about how awe inspiring the imagery of this little film is, I want to encourage you to judge it for yourself. I also encourage you, if you are excited about the video, to go an check out Mike Oblinski's web sight, where you can find more videos and stills. As well learn more about his personal life and see his photography work from the off season,  when he isn't off chasing a storm. So here you are, Monsoon III, by Mike Oblinski. He filmed it in 4K, so make sure to take advantage of that, to achieve the full experience.

Monsoon III (4K) from Mike Olbinski on Vimeo.

"I'm beginning to focus and hone in more on what I really love to time-lapse."

My Take

Now, its not in my personal interest to go on "fan girling" about how beautifully shot this video is. Although, I will proudly proclaim that Mike Oblinski did a phenomenal job showcasing, what is, Mother Nature at play. He talks briefly, in the film description, about how his bettering photography and video skills are what made this particular video superior to the past two. I found all three to be captivating, but without a doubt can say that Monsoon III brought a new dimensions to the power and vibrant beauty that occurs during the storms.

Monsoon III[/caption]

Your Take

First I am very interested in hearing your final thoughts on the video and article. But more importantly, I want to see the videos, photographs and people that inspire you! If you see something that gets you excited about life comment below and tell us about it, and/or contribute to our blog by sharing an article to the Art Of Visuals Community.


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