South Korea Dreamscape with Nathaniel Merz

Now this is an inspirational story for the AOV community and for those who are trying to grow their following. I've been reaching out to the early adopters on the AOV App to feature active artists.  I reached out to @NathanielMerz and at first I wasn't sure he was up to the challenge but he took the initiative to put together this Korean Dreamscape without any direction from me. He is currently in the process of restarting his Instagram account. 

Korean Dreamscape

Nathan goes to show that a large social media following doesn't prove you are a legitimate photographer, everyone has to start somewhere. I asked Nathan to showcase South Korea to the AOV audience and he takes us through his version of a Korean Dreamscape, all of these photographs are his. 

Korean Dreamscape 
South Korea is East Asia's most developed country and a hotspot for international tourists, with landscapes like this you can see why. South Korea has 20 national parks and popular natural places like the Boseong Tea Fields, Suncheon Bay Ecological Park and the first national park of Jirisan. Here at Art Of Visuals we place a high priority on the importance of national parks. 

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Korean Dreamscape

It was interesting to find out that South Korea is the first to fully transition to high-speed internet which makes sense being home to Samsung, LG and Hyundai-Kia. So there will be no worries when it comes to uploading your images to the new AOV App :)

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Korean Dreamscape

South Korea can be divided into four general regions: an eastern region of high mountain ranges and narrow coastal plains; a western region of broad coastal plains, river basins, and rolling hills. A southwestern region of mountains and valleys; and a southeastern region dominated by a broad basin of the Nakdong River. The country provides awesome visuals no matter where you decide to visit. 

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Korean Dreamscape

There are roughly three thousand islands, mostly small and uninhabited which lie off the western and southern coasts of South Korea. The largest island off the coast is Jeju-do about 62 miles off the southern coast, a UNESCO world heritage site and one of the new 7 wonders of nature, a spectacular island for landscapes. 

Korean Dreamscape

South Korea tends to have a humid continental climate and a humid subtropical climate which is affected by the East Asian monsoon, with precipitation heavier in summer months during a short rainy season called Jangma, which begins in June and ends in July. The ideal time to visit South Korea as a photographer is late Spring or early Fall.

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