What I love About Photography

  1. Capturing a moment in time.

    This is certainly the most obvious answer, and the reason that almost everyone takes pictures at specific times in their lives – weddings, birthdays, family reunions, graduations, pets, etc. I happen to have a fascination with nature and will carry a camera almost everywhere I go. I love the ability to see something beautiful with my own eyes, and then in just a fraction of a second, capture that particular scene, preserving it forever. I love to look back and have that photo remind me of the adventure that I was lucky enough to experience. The picture itself will usually look a bit different than what my eyes had seen, but it’s always enough. And sometimes, it’s even better (see #2).

    Angels Landing Utah
    Angels Landing, Utah

  2. Using technology.

    It still boggles my mind that a good camera can capture an image in just a fraction of a second (for example: 1/500) or as long as 30 full seconds or more. It’s amazing that all that light, color, and movement can be put into one single photograph. I love the control that my DSLR offers, which essentially allows you to “see” more than is humanly possible, as well as intentionally determine the type of picture that you want to create. Pretty incredible if you ask me.

    Tent Glow Idaho 
    Tent Glowing on an Idaho Starry Night

  3. Thinking creatively.

    I've never considered myself to be the artistic type, but photography has enabled me to visually express my passions. Luckily for me (and you), I don’t need to be talented with a paintbrush or pencil – all I need is a decent camera and an eye for a specific scene. Everywhere I go, and in everything I do, I am constantly seeing things as though I’m looking through a wide lens. Without even realizing it, I’m analyzing the angles, depth of field, colors, lighting, and textures of a landscape. Some would say that if you’re always looking through a camera, you’ll miss out on experiencing the real thing. For me, it’s almost the opposite. By thinking creatively, I’m able to really focus on, and appreciate, what I’m fortunate enough to see.

    Idaho Wildflower Trail 
    Idaho Wildflower Trail

  4. Learning new things.

    The art of photography is much more complex than just the click of a button. As I mentioned above, there is so much to consider in terms of angles and perspectives. Plus, the use of light plays a major role in how an image turns out. I’ve been practicing photography for 2 years, but I am continually learning new things about aperture, ISO, long exposure, and a variety of other techniques. Then, once the photo is taken, there is a TON to learn about editing. Good photography takes years of reading, studying, and practicing, and with the way technology changes, continuing to learn is the key.

    Sawtooth Lake Moody Picture 
    Sawtooth Lake Moody Photo

I'll leave you with a final thought:

“This is what I like about photographs. They are proof that once, even if just for a heartbeat, everything was perfect.”

Thanks for reading along! For more of my photography, check out my Instagram @bmatthewimages and feel free to comment below with your thoughts! All photos featured in this article are by Brandon :)


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