Art of Visuals Real Estate Lightroom Presets

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We designed and developed this pack specifically for Real Estate photographers or Real Estate agents as well. We designed the pack to be simple and easy to use but yet as powerful as you can imagine.

This Real Estate Prest Pack Includes:

  • 9 Base Presets (Step 1)
  • 62 Adjustment Presets (Step 2)
  • 57 Correction Presets (Step 3)

Once you have installed the Real Estate Preset Pack. Import your images you want to edit and start by adding a base preset to your image, then move into the adjustment presets. We made these presets stackable which mean you can apply multiple presets and it's just going to adjust a certain adjustment which allows you to have full control and get the look and feel you're looking for in your Real Estate photography. After you have applied all your adjustments move on to Step 3 which will allow you to correct the certain colors in your images and add any final touches before you export your photo for your client or listing.

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