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Art of Visuals Wedding Lightroom Preset Pack (013)

Consistency is important, right?

Especially when culling through and editing 1,200–1,500 images.

Wedding clients typically have a “look” they’re going for and our Wedding Presets cover a range of popular fresh and classic styles.

Be proud of your work, stun your clients, and win more business with our new 4 step editing system.

Ideal for Wedding photographers as well as fashion, bloggers, and lifestyle photographers.

AOV 4 - Step Editing System

Thoughtfully designed for modern photographers with modern workflows in need of a range of dynamic looks

•Base presets for stunning one-click edits

•Adjustment presets for color correction

•Advanced Adjustment presets for stylizing

•Correction presets for finishing touches

The look on your client's face after delivering a beautiful and memorable gallery using the AOV Wedding 4 step preset system, priceless.


  • 22 Base Presets (STEP 1)
  • 86 Adjustment Presets (STEP 2)
  • 43 Advanced Adjustment Presets (STEP 3)
  • 72 Correction Presets (STEP 4)
  • 13 Local Brushes


$ 47.00