AOV x @Bennybystrom Lightroom Presets

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We are excited to feature Benny's amazing presets in our shop.

There are 5 premium presets 

The New Look - is my latest preset (hence the name) which creates that soft desaturated look with a bit of fade and crushed blacks.


Wild Greens - is perfect for lush green landscapes and creates a desaturated green fade combined with slightly blue highlights and darker shadows.


Northern Blues - works well with images shot in cold wintry conditions and enhances primarily the blue tones.


Empty Woods - is best used on images with a lot of greens. It provides subtle desaturated tones and a fairly dark look.


Autumn Touch - creates that fading autumn feel and fits perfectly with both moody weathers and more sunny conditions.


Be sure to follow and check out more of Benny's work, as well as follow along on his adventures! @Bennybystrom 

**Lightroom Presets will be sent via a download link once preset pack has been purchased.**

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Profits from AOVxArtist Collaborations are shared and help each artist fulfill their dreams

Each Preset may require exposure adjustment depending on how your picture was shot.