Elliot J Simpson


Often found out exploring the wilderness with my camera in hand. Whether it’s the mountains or an epic coastline, I want to inspire people to get out there and embrace the beautiful world we live in.

Elliot J Simpson Lightroom Presets

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  • Lightroom 5, Lightroom 6, Lightroom 7,
    Lightroom CC, Lightroom Classic
  • Photoshop Adobe Camera raw
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Elliot J Simpson's Adobe Lightroom Preset Pack

Includes 5 premium presets

ES Standard

This is the standard edit I start from a lot of my photos, you can use it as a one click edit or to use as a base.

Elliot Simpson Standard Preset

ES Mood

Use this preset to add mood to my photos, featuring heavy contrast and bringing the blacks down.
Elliot Simpson Mood Preset

ES Golden Hour

This is the edit I start with for those shots in golden hour, adding some warmth and contrast to the image.

Elliot Simpson Golden Hour Preset

ES Blue hour

Use this preset to help you achieve dreamy blue hour shots. Featuring a slight increase in contrast and blue highlights.

Elliot Simpson Blue Hour Preset

ES Astro

Use this preset to bring your Astrophotography shots to life. Can be used to enhance the Aurora Borealis and Milky Way.

Elliot Simpson Stars Preset


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