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Ryan Longnecker is an outdoor travel and landscape photographer based in Los Angeles, CA. When he’s not being a husband or dad to 2 awesome girls he also writes for a variety of different online and print platforms and educates at workshops, individual mentorships, and conferences. He is driven by the hope that if we can see the earth and each other as beautiful we will have reason enough to do everything we can to preserve that beauty and restore all the places and ways we are broken.

Ryan Longnecker Adobe Lightroom Presets

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  • Photoshop Adobe Camera raw
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Ryan Longnecker Premium Adobe Lightroom Presets.

His pack includes 11 custom presets.

Entire pack - Using auto toning and auto white balance I then build a mood based on different scenarios so that the amateur and professional editors are both able to benefit from the presets included. Each year that passes I learn something new and this preset pack is made up of the newest techniques and features I’ve been able to gather from Lightroom. If any of your shot was intentionally shot with a warm or cooler white balance make sure to manually adjust that after using the presets.

‘A Little’ - This is the preset for the minimalist who wants a little punch and slight toning that doesn’t draw too much attention

Ryan Longnecker 'Little" Adobe Lightroom Presets

‘A Little More’ - What it sounds like, a little but just some more… but also a great base to do some split toning to customize as each creator would want.

Ryan Longnecker 'Little More" Adobe Lightroom Presets

‘A Lot’ - A heavy dose of fine-tuned contrast with color boosting, ready to be adjusted for a moody scene, or dial back the contrast for an added nuance.

Ryan Longnecker 'A lot" Adobe Lightroom Presets

‘Cookies &’ - I have always loved 2 different BW looks, this is the clean, classic look that still maintains a sharp edge.

Ryan Longnecker 'Cookies &" Adobe Lightroom Presets

‘Cream’ - This is the BW compliment to ‘cookies &’ and is softer, a bit more magical, and with some careful grain can create a very mature and subtle edit.

Ryan Longnecker 'Cream" Adobe Lightroom Preset

‘Earth’ - This preset was made for a slightly underexposed mountainous shot. Even though it can work with the blues and oranges of a beach scene, it shines with a forest or mountaintop.

Ryan Longnecker 'Earth" Adobe Lightroom Preset

‘Fire’ - Probably the “boldest” of the pack. Definitely, a strong warmth added and is meant to take a subtle sunset or fall colors and make them explode. Sure, might not be for everybody, but that’s why you have 10 others to pick from.

Ryan Longnecker 'Fire" Adobe Lightroom Preset

‘Sky’ - Modeled with drone editing in mind. If you regularly shoot with a drone you know how you have to really make some heavier changes to edits to make them stand alongside DSLR shots, this is my preset to start you off there with plenty of customization room to get it consistent with your look.

Ryan Longnecker 'Sky" Adobe Lightroom Preset

‘The Beach Sunset Special’ - most presets I really try to get to work for multiple scenes, this one really is for a beach sunset - even though on other shots I’ve seen it work too.

Ryan Longnecker 'Beach Sunset" Adobe Lightroom Preset

‘Western’ - works well on outdoor scenes, but really was intended for outdoor portraits. Some selective desaturation and very careful to maintain quality skin tones.

Ryan Longnecker 'Western" Adobe Lightroom Preset

‘Wind’ - a bit more contrast and color to the “western” look with some specific HSL adjustments to make it compelling on any shot.

Ryan Longnecker 'Wind" Adobe Lightroom Preset

Make sure you check out @ryanlongnecker on Instagram and give him a follow. 


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