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We are excited to feature Steven's amazing presets in our shop.

There are 15 premium presets 

STEVENOFNORTH_SOFTMOOD: This is one of my favorite presets to work with because it enables me to get a good understanding of what my image is going to look like after I add a few brush adjustments. It’s moody and forgiving, something that you can trust to work on just about anything.


STEVENOFNORTH_MOUNTAINMOOD: Warning: This preset works best on underexposed images. I developed it while trying to edit a photo that I took just before sunrise and was blown away by the results. Keep that in mind when you are using it.


STEVENOFNORTH_SKYVIEW: My go to preset for anything that is green! I find it simple and easy to use because the results are immediate on almost any photo that is over comprised of greenery.


STEVENOFNORTH_DARKENMORNING: Let the mood begin. Enough said, this is my mood master preset. I through it on a photo to get inspired and to see how far a little bit of highlight coloring will go.


STEVENOFNORTH_BLUEMOOD: To be honest this is my favorite preset. I love the deep dark blue tones that it produces on a properly exposed image. Now, I use it sparingly because I consider it to be a very powerful editing tool but when it yields results like the example I cannot help but marvel at its brilliance.


STEVENOFNORTH_SOFTTONES: This is my engagement shoot preset, and I decided to include it because I love the soft tones and subtle coloring that it produces. I find it to be very forgiving, needing minimal work to be done after it is put on an image.


STEVENOFNORTH_SOMBER: FUN. That’s the best word to describe this preset. It produces a colorful effect that is easy to adjust and it adds an element of softness to an image that I think is border line perfect.


STEVENOFNORTH_CABINVIBES: This is my most frequently used preset because of the way it deals with highlights and shadows. To put it simply I love it and have spent a lot of time adjusting it to ensure that it gets the job done every time I use it.


STEVENOFNORTH_NEGATIVEBLUE: Warning: This preset offers an extreme adjustment on a photo that’s conditions are similar to the example. Try it on an image where your color temp was heavy on the blue side to yield the desired results.


STEVENOFNORTH_MINIMALIST: The name says it all about this preset. Basically, it sets the tone curves and saturation levels to detail a softer and faded look. An ideal comp that can be shown as an example to clients prior to fully producing a piece of work.


STEVENOFNORTH_PORTRAIT: Another one of my favorite presets to work with for obvious reasons. It’s moody, soft, and full of dramatic tones. This is one of the first presets that I made when I switched my style over to dark and moody so it contains a number of adjustments that I love to work with.


STEVENOFNORTH_HARDCONTRAST: This is an older preset that I use to bring out more drama in my images tones. It yields a hard-contrasted look with a splash of color.


STEVENOFNORTH_YELLOWJACKET: This preset works to put my yellows and blues into my preferred specs on the color spectrum. I use this as a base to work from because it does require further adjustments to perfect its potential on an image that contains a yellow or blue tones.


STEVENOFNORTH_YELLOWBOOST: My fall preset, it produces a soft adjustment in the highlights and white balance while enabling the color to look rich and bold. This is a dramatic look that a lot of people like and it is easy to work with.


STEVENOFNORTH_FILMEDIT: I really like the tones that this preset produces though I have never posted a photo on Instagram that features it. Mostly because it does not suit my current content theme. Nonetheless, I think that its results are beautiful and enable you to work adding an element of timelessness to your images.

Be sure to follow and check out more of Steven's work, as well as follow along on his adventures! @stevenofnorth

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Each Preset may require exposure adjustment depending on how your picture was shot.


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1.) Go into Lightroom and click on Edit at the top (next to File) on a PC, then Preferences. On a Mac, go to Lightroom (in top‐left corner) then Preferences on a Mac.
2.) Go down to Preferences and click on it.
3.) There will be a new screen that pulls up. There will be six tabs at the top; click on Presets (second tab over).
4.) Click on the box titled “Show Lightroom Presets Folder.
5.) Double click on Lightroom.
6.) Double click on Develop Presets (see bottom‐right image). Video tutorial showing how to install presets and brushes click HERE


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After you have installed the presets and the collection folder shows in the Presets panel in the Develop module, click the BLACK TRIANGLE beside the collection name. The set will open up and the individual presets will show. Click on a preset name to have the effect applied to the image. See this tutorial which explains more about accessing the presets after installation. Click the link here to watch how to install lightroom presets.
Edits made with presets or by hand can be applied to multiple images at once by using the "sync" option. See this tutorial on syncing edits on multiple images.
Sometimes we upgrade computers and need to move presets from one computer to another. Click this tutorial to watch how to do it.
Backing-up your presets is extremely important and often overlooked. Hard drive crashes happen to the best of us and it is wise to back up all your images and important files, including presets. See this tutorial for how to back-up your presets on an external drive, thumb drive, and/or a cloud service.

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