Astrophotography Post Processing Course

Astrophotography Post Processing Course

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In these videos, Nick gives you his tips and techniques for bringing out the most of your Milkyway and astrophotography images


Covered in this course:

  • Dual processing RAW files

  • Exposure Blending multiple files

  • Milkyway Panoramas

  • Targeted adjustments using luminosity masks

  • Bringing out the detail in the Milkyway

  • Controlled Dodging and Burning

  • Adding Glow and Atmosphere

  • Adding in light painted frames

  • Selective noise reduction

This is a 5 video set, with 3 complete image walkthrough edits, as well as two previously released videos containing behind the scenes videos from in the field as well as the planning stage planning a shoot with a combined runtime of almost 2 hours. 

Also included in this package are the RAW files from the videos for practicing on