The beginner's guide to Lightroom presets.
So, you landed on our website and got hit with presets overload! No worries, we're here to educate on the first time buyers on everything you'll need to know going forward about our Lightroom presets.
What are Lightroom Presets
Presets are files that allow Lightroom to apply particular Develop settings to an image. They appear in the Left Panel of the Develop Module in the Presets Panel. They’re also available in a drop down menu in the Quick Develop panel in Library.
 Develop setting in Adobe Lightroom, where the presets are stored.
With the Preset and Navigator panels open, hover over one of the default Presets (you may need to click on the folder triangle to open it on the left side of the screen). You should see the image preview change to show what the preset would do to the image if you click and apply it. The preview is small so I would recommend to just select the preset to see it full size on your image then select the reset button to try a new one. Now that you are familiar with presets, will explain next why artist love them.
Artist love buying our presets for the following reason:
-       Save time: Time is money and Lightroom presets save you broth. When using Lightroom presets, with only one click you’ll be able to instantly get your photos to an 85-90% edited state, and often you’ll even be completely done with one click! Rather than edit each photo from start to finish, you can spend your time on the fine-tuning part of the editing process.
-       Simple to use: Learning any new software can be intimidating, and they take time to master. While it’s important to always take the time to learn the program, using presets will let you instantly get started in Lightroom, and edit your photos easier than ever before.
-       Variety: Does the photo look best in black and white or a moody edit? Or maybe a vibrant color edit, or a classic vintage look? Using Lightroom presets will give you a ton of creative variety right at your fingertips so you can effectively try different edits and see which style is most fitting for a particular photo, or even full photo collection.
-       Consistency: When you are editing an entire photo session, using the same presets across the whole photo shoot will give your images a more uniform and consistent look, as opposed to editing each and every photo one-by-one, which can yield varying settings and a disjointed look to your image set.
-       Customizable: Have a preset you love, but you always have to slightly adjust the color or contrast? Or maybe your very own style has changed over time? No problem at all. Any develop preset you use inside Lightroom is completely customizable and it’s as easy as a couple mouse clicks. You can even tweak a preset and re-save it for use later.
-       Batch editing: One of the greatest benefits of using Lightroom is its ability to edit a lot of photos very quickly by batch editing, or syncing, your settings from one photo to many at once. When you combine high-quality presets with batch editing in Lightroom you will be able to drastically cut down your complete photo editing time per session.
Now that you have a better understanding of how using Lightroom presets can dramatically reduce the amount of time you spend editing your photos while getting you better results and increased creativity – I’d like you to grab our sample pack for use in adobe lightroom. This is a special offer and will cost you less than what you would pay for a Starbucks coffee for something you will be able to use forever!
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Cool, but how do I install Lightroom Presets?
So you're excited that you just got your new Lightroom Presets but have no idea on how to use them...
Well, luckily we have made a few very helpful videos for using Lightroom presets.
Click on the links below to receive the information you need to make the most out of your new Lightroom presets.
So you have just installed your presets but you have no idea where to start?
lightroom can be daunting at first but no worries we got you! click the link below to learn how to get started with Lightroom! 
So you applied your new presets and the colors are completely off? Watch the video below to learn how to adjust the white balance temperatures and tint of your image.
Watch the video below to learn how to adjust the white balance temperatures and tint of your image.
So you applied presets to your photos and they look too dark? or even too bright?
watch this short video below on how to adjust your image to get rid of the dark and bright image.
Congratulations! You should now be familiar with using Lightroom presets.
Want to make your own presets? Even sell your own presets?
Watch the video below to find out how to create your very own Lightroom presets in which you could do whatever you want with. The sky’s the limit!

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