Refund policy/100% Satisfaction Guarantee:

Lightroom/Adobe Camera Raw Presets:


Because these products are all instant digital downloads we do not offer refunds which is the industry standard. If you have any questions or concerns about your purchase, we are happy and eager to help.

With all of our presets, we sell including the artist presets, we offer a 100% Satisfaction guarantee.

Due to the nature of our digital products we do not offer refunds. Once you download the product you o the product and we have no way of taking out of your possession. If you bought a preset pack and have adjusted the presets, exposure, WB (temperature/tint), contrast and other minor adjustments and still don’t like the way the preset is turning out. Then send an email to Please make sure to include the raw images that are not turning out the way you would like as well as the name of the preset that is not giving you the result. wn

You must send us an email within 48hrs of purchase if you do not enjoy the presets. 

Please send us an email ( with the picture your using the presets on and your order number, so we can take a look at the preset and see exactly what is going on so that we can get a better understanding on how that preset works with the specific presets.

AOV Team