AOV x 206 Shooter V2 Lightroom Preset Pack

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AOV x 206 Shooter Volume 2 Lightroom Preset Pack

  • Fade Cool Preset
  • Greenville Preset
  • Nature206 Preset
  • NewNew Preset
  • NightVibes Preset


    Presets work with both Adobe Lightroom and Adobe Camera Raw.

    Be sure to follow and check out more of Gavi's work, as well as follow along on his adventures! @206 Shooter

    **Lightroom Presets will be sent via a download link once preset pack has been purchased.**

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    Make sure to use the hashtag #aovstyles on pictures with an AOV preset, to be featured on our Instagram page.

    Profits from AOVxArtist Collaborations are shared and help each artist fulfill their dreams

    Each Preset may require exposure adjustment depending on how your picture was shot.