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Andrew Wille is based in the San Francisco Bay Area. Having grown up in the suburbs of Chicago, he moved to Orange County California to attend Chapman University, and then to The Bay five years later. For as long as he can remember Andrew has had a deep interest in photography. He has always believed that a single photo has the ability to inspire or even change someone’s life, and he tries to embody that in each of his photographs. Andrew is inspired by capturing and sharing the beauty of nature and of fascinating places around the world with others. When he’s not out shooting or editing, he is catching up with friends and family as they are very important to him. He also loves going to the gym, playing basketball, hiking, mountain biking, longboarding, and is constantly looking for inspiring things in his everyday life.

Andrewoptics Lightroom Presets

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Compatible With:

  • Lightroom 5, Lightroom 6, Lightroom 7,
    Lightroom CC, Lightroom Classic
  • Photoshop Adobe Camera raw
  • This product is a digital download that is available for downloading immediately after purchase.


This pack includes 5 premium presets:
Night Trails – Best for low light photography, whether it be nightscapes or light trails. *May need to adjust white balance depending on your photo.
Andrew Optics Night Trails Before and After Images
Nature – Best for open landscapes, it brings out the blues and greens while maintaining a film look. Also works great with drone shots!Andrew Optics Nature Before and After ImagesMoody Skies – Best for sunrises and sunsets. Gives your photos a blend smooth shadows, warmth, and contrast while making it pop.Andrew Optics Moody Skies Before and After Images
City Streets – Best for cityscapes, it will remove any green tint/distracting colors while giving cities a nice orange glow.Andrew Optics City Streets Before and After Images
Desaturated Tones – Will give you a moody, desaturated look bringing attention to the raw aesthetic of your environment or subject.Andrew Optics Desaturated Tones Before and After Images
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    Note: Each Preset may require exposure and temperature adjustments depending on how your picture was shot.


    $ 37.00