Astrophotography and Star Photography Processing Tutorial

Astrophotography and Star Photography Processing Tutorial

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Star Photography tutorial in Adobe Lightroom, Milky Way Photoshop Tutorial, Astrophotography Panorama Stitching and Image Stacking by Michael Shainblum Photography

In this hour-long Star Photography Processing Tutorial, you will learn some of my favorite techniques for editing the Milky Way. I also talk about shooting techniques I use in Astrophotography and Milky Way Photography. Techniques include image stacking, basic photo blending, Lightroom panorama stitching, correcting panorama distortion in Photoshop, processing single frames in Lightroom and dodging/burning the Milky Way in Photoshop. Astrophotography can seem a bit daunting at first and processing these files can be a lot of fun with a little understanding. 


Adobe Lightroom (latest version needed for panorama stitching only)

Adobe Photoshop


  • Image Stacking (to reduce noise)
  • Lightroom Stitching Panoramas
  • Correcting Panorama distortion in Photoshop
  • Milky Way editing single RAW files in Lightroom
  • Processing a single frame in Lightroom and Photoshop

Included in this milky way editing tutorial zip file you will find two RAW files for technique 4 and 5. You can follow along using the RAW files. The first part of the course (techniques 1-3) does NOT have RAW files provided. These are the techniques I apply to my own images when I get home from a shoot. However, there is an endless possibilities too processing astrophotography. I always encourage students to learn techniques from as many people as possible.

*Video is narrated in English.*

*Please note this is a rather large file and may take a little time to download.