AOV Portraits Volume 2
AOV Portraits Volume 2
AOV Portraits Volume 2
AOV Portraits Volume 2
AOV Portraits Volume 2
AOV Portraits Volume 2

AOV Portraits Volume 2

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 AOV Portraits Volume 2 Lightroom Preset/Filter Pack

Pack includes 15 Premium Lightroom Presets:

  • BabySoft - add’s an angelic feel to your subject with a smoothing effect.
  • B&W - True Blacks and whites will make your subject stand out with the perfect amount of dramatism.
  • B&W Film - A slight sepia and dramatic grain will make your image look like something out of the 1960’s
  • Cool Morning - A breath of fresh air with cool color hues mimicking the light of the early morning.
  • Cool&Vintage - Film Pallet look mimicking blue hour hues, with muted vibrancy.
  • Deep - Add’s sense of mystery to you image with deep shadows and a smooth
  • gloss.
  • Golden Light - Mimics the strong warm hues of golden hour, during sunset. 
  • Grain&Contrast - Modern meets Vintage with boosted contrast and a subtle layer of grain.
  • MoodyPort - Deep rich color hues and a strong vignette will bring out the drama in your image.
  • Romance - Adds a subtle glow and softness to your subjects. With blush highlights, surely pulling out the romantic feels.
  • Soft B&W - Black and White with a flattering softness, perfect for wedding, infant and uplifting portraits.
  • Soft&Warm - Feel the warmth of the sun with a subtle haze.
  • Spring Tones - Amplify all you favorite colors of springtime.
  • Vivid - Bring out the detail of your subject and add vibrancy to the colors in your image.
  • Warm&Vintage - Film pallet look with warm light and muted vibrancy.
 **Lightroom Presets will be sent via a download link once preset pack has been purchased.**

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Each Preset may require exposure adjustment depending on how your picture was shot.

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